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Wide Receiver

Fast. Safe. Efficient.

Did you know that moving trailers, implements, docks, and even airplanes can be moved in a fraction of the time required by traditional means?

Imagine being able to maneuver a trailer into a tight corner, with a clear forward view of your surroundings.  No clamps or other compromises. A welded anchor point and a heavy duty ratchet ensure your full control even on steep hills.

The Wide Receiver gives you the freedom from needing to carry a completely separate attachment just to move a trailer.  A specially designed carrying system (sold separately) is also available.

Did you know you can use your loader and the Wide Receiver to move trailers and implements with any device that can be used in a standard receiver hitch?  Clevis pins, pintle hitches, even triple ball hitches can be inserted, just like on your vehicle.


While working on a construction site, the Wide Receiver inventor was watching a trailer being moved.  In the interest of time, the crew had balanced a trailer on the lip of a bucket to move it to another location.   The trailer got away from the operator, and nearly hit an occupied satellite. 

There has to be a better way. 

With some time spent in research and development the concept for the Wide Receiver was born.